We say that the market is tricky, but who is really tricking us??????  Many times the market will set a trap for us, but we will refuse to free ourselves because we began the dialog in our heads that really trick us.  We tell ourselves that we are 'not going to fall for that one again', 'it will come back', it will follow a bigger trend', etc.  Then we begin to look for evidence in the charts or in our indicators to support our belief.  While these things soothe our minds and provide us comfort, we only trick ourselves into staying in the trap that is costing us money as price moves again us.  

Harness the market power and make it work for You, if You are stopped out the market is helping to preserve Your capital.  Look at a stop-out as a lesson that cost You  $X.OO of dollars to learn.  When You take a hit, use that money wisely, it was a lesson that You paid for.  Go back and study ways to try to avoid paying for that lesson again.  As You have probably seen on my videos, I get my share of stop-outs, but I dust off and go at it again, because there will be another opportunity to make profit in the market.  

The market isn't hard, it is just tricky at times, but if You see that preserving capital is the most important job that You have, You will come out ahead as You continue to trade a good plan.  If You trade, You are going to have to pay for a lesson every now and then, it's no big deal, it is just the cost of doing business, shake it off and look for another opportunity.   

Yes, the market can sometimes be very confusing and often tricky, but just because You got tricked, doesn't mean You have to stay tricked. Don't let over analysis about what the market might do keep You from entering a good trade set-up, because the market is cocky and will do whatever it wants to do.  Just except that the best trade set-ups can fail, because the market can be bipolar and irrational, sometimes it has mood swings and throws tantrums.  Then there are times that the market will purr like a kitten for You.  

There are times that the market makes me so very angry, but there is nothing I can do about it except accept the fact that the market can be like that and bend with it in order to make paper$$$$.  Don't ever let the market take Your mind off of Your mission to make money.  There are times when You might need a break if You are getting to angry.  Take the break, then come back and try again.  Be sure to listen more to Your chart than to Your mind's chatter, remember that as brilliant as Your mind is, it can only give You info on past chart data and experiences, while the market is always fresh right now.  

Always listen to the market and allow it to lead You to financial freedom.............You are Worthy of the Wealth that the forex market provides.



  1. I can say im still consistent on this part.

    1. The best thing about the market is that it is very generous and it is always handing out paper. The great thing about life is that we get to live learn and improve, thanks my Friend (^_^). The best thing about forex is over time We get it and become better at it like any other profession