Re-Group Try again

Sometimes success in forex just comes through persistence. Many times the success isn't to the swift or the smartest, because I think most people who trade forex are extremely smart, but to the persistent.  Forex like any other discipline has a learning curve and for some of us it was a little steeper than for some, but like any other great profession it is a skill that can be learned.  Success in forex is about the ability to wait and the courage to act even after some disappointing attempts. Many times it is solely the courage to try and try again that is the difference between success and failure for a forex trader.  Trading a good strategy isn't enough, it is trading a good strategy with consistent discipline that creates the separation between traders.  Some days it is about looking rejection in the face and being determined that it won't beat You.  These are the times that You have to be able to dust off and try again when the market has refused Your entry ticket.  Don't be reckless, but be willing to re-execute a good plan if it fail.  That's where many traders miss it, they have an amazing plan, but after a few rejections from the market, they give up.  Trading isn't about never losing, trading is about have the guts and fortitude to WIN!


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