One of my insightful younger forex Friends sent this to me in part of an email and I ask him for permission to share it--

"I hate losing..." It's human nature to avoid pain...when it's cold outside your first instinct is to put on a jacket to protect yourself from it's effects...The thing with trading is, many times you temporarily reverse this pain avoidance instinct when you are on the wrong side of the trade, so that you can make the best decision.  Natural impulse is to avoid the negative feelings you get from closing out a loser...but it keeps you in control.Basically the forex trading decisions we make reveal a lot about us.  

Successful trading requires our ability to temporarily overcome our natural impulse to avoid pain out of the trust in the greater pleasure that will come down the road from capital preservation and ultimately success.

It takes being very forward thinking to make this mental leap, but it's well worth it. The real key is trusting it and doing it consistently.

Enough said, I thought it was brilliantly put..........this is the attitude that makes superstar traders (^_^).

Thanks L56,


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