There are times that no matter how good Your strategy or how hard You try, the market just will not cooperate with Your plans to get paper.  What You do in those times is more important to Your success than what You do in a good flowing market!


Because what You do on those day can mean the difference between thriving in forex or having to fold Your hand and walk away from the table.  On days when the market is stubborn and uncooperative no matter how patient You are or how much discipline You exercise, YOU MUST PRESERVE YOUR CAPITAL.

Believe me, I know how hard and frustrating a market like that can be.  To stay through an entire session or sometimes a day and the market is just indecisive feels like a waste, and it can be easy to become discouraged.  These are the times Your discipline is the most important even though Your emotions may be a bit frayed.  Stay the course of discipline, these are the times we are also most likely to abandon a really good strategy.  DON'T DO IT!


Be careful during these times not to beat Yourself up or doubt Your ability, There is nothing wrong with You or Your strategy, it is the market, and the truth is no matter how crazy the market gets, it has control over Your paper, so IT IS RIGHT!  so PROTECT YOUR WEALTH.  Even if You come out of the day slightly down beat up, battered and bruised, it's ok, as long as You preserved as much of Your wealth as You could.  On days like this, it is most important not to let the market take You out of the game!

Sometimes the market is a kitten, but there are times she is a lion; sometimes you just gotta get out alive.  If you survive, the day will come again for you to thrive.  It is just part of the market cycle and it happens.  Don't take it too hard, because the time will come again when the market is lovely and will want to caress and cuddle You, then she will yield plenty of paper for You.  It is the days that the market is sweet and cooperative that we as traders Preserve Capital for.

#1.  First job of every trader: PRESERVE WEALTH!

#2,  Second job of every trader: BUILD WEALTH!


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