One of the biggest mistakes traders make is jumping in at the end of a price move. Once price has a direction, we expect for price to move that way forever, and either fail to secure our profits, or try to keep riding a profit train that has come to the end of the line.........

This is a costly error. Price does not continue on forever; at some point it is going to turn against the current trend. Believe me, I love to ride a good profit train and hate to get off of it, but price is only going to go to it's next destination before returning to the station or moving to a totally different one.

Your current trend will not go on forever no matter how good the news or the economy is, at some point trends like rivers develop bend and curbs and ultimately reversals. It helps if you know where the river banks are. That is where your support and resistance come in, price may turn at a resistance/support point or it may simply move sideways before finding a way to follow the current trend. These are areas that you want to pay particular attention to price action.

Most of the time, your candlesticks will show you the direction you must take at these areas. Learn to anticipate where your price is going to move. That is how your trend line, candlesticks and support and resistance work together to help show you the most profitable trades. If you are trending, buy pullback/sell rallies in harmony with that trend. If you hit a resistance, then look for a validate candlestick reversal before shorting that resistance, if you are at support begin to look for a valid candlestick reversal pattern to bounce off of that support area. If you don't get these patterns and price keeps going then it is time for a new strategy, but following your trend is going to yield your most profitable trades.

Follow where your price leads, but your trading tools help you to predict where price maybe headed. Anticipations makes for some very lucrative and profitable trades.........


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