Your candles always have a tale to tell and you would be very wise to listen as they whisper hints about what is going on in the market. In order to trade your very best, it is very very important for you to learn to properly interpret the language of your chart. Now you can use either the bar or candlestick chart to do this, there is really no real difference in the information between the two, but the candles give you a clear immediate visual advantage over your bars. Whether you use bars or candles isn't as important as being able to understand what they are saying to you.

Learning to properly interpret this language will save you hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The trader who has taken the time and patience to learn this language heaps huge rewards as a benefit, but those who don't suffer the wrath of the market time and time again.

Now it is possible to have a perfect understanding of the market and still miss it. All the proper interpretation does is give you an advantage that will put profits in your pocket most of the time.

Your charts are always telling a story and if you can properly interpret that story the market will pay you big dividends for that knowledge.

Here is one of my favorite beginner candlestick video:

Also pick up Steve Nison's candlestick book at your local library: THE KNOWLEDGE IS THE POWER IN TRADING, and having it is the difference between going broke and thriving.


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