You don't have to hunt profitable trades, if you will wait, they will come to you. LET PROFITABLE TRADES FIND THEIR WAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

The difference between the consistently profitable trader and the trader who is struggling is that the profitable trader has learned to let profitable trades come to her/him. The profitable trader waits for a proper trade set-up and is anticipating it, the most important thing about a consistently profitable trader is that she/he is willing to forgo a trade that does not show a clear advantage.

Great trading is more about waiting for proper trade set-ups and opportunities than it is about being smart. If you wait, proper trades will seek you out, begging you to come in and enjoy and partake of the profits. That is the master discipline that MUST be developed if you are to enjoy a good living trading.

It is hard if you feel the need to constantly be in the market. The more you are in the market the more you are exposed to risk and the more you expose yourself to risk the more likely you are to be bitten and bitten hard. You have got to develop 'THE ART OF WAITING', it is one of the master trading arts along with confidence and disciple.

YOU CAN DO THIS (^_^). Start with learning your candlestick psychology and force yourself not to trade unless you can see a clear trading advantage. Use your demo to help develop this discipline if necessary. Your charts will tell you more truth than any other source learn to read it like you read your favorite book.

Lastly WAIT for profitable trades to COME TO YOU!!!!!!!!


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  1. I 100% agree, this is something I am working on, thanks for the great post!