Many traders fear placing stop losses because they are afraid that they will get stopped out. This is the wrong mindset. A stop loss is a friend that helps you preserve your capital when you are on the wrong side of the trade.

A stop loss is simply what it says, it is a system that you put in place to stop the loss of your capital, just in case the trade goes against you strongly. Don't place stop losses with the idea that you are going to get stopped out, but place it with the idea that you are protected if a trade does something differently than you expect. It will give you the opportunity, if it is hit to step back and position yourself for a more profitable trade set-up and entry.

What happens when you ride a losing trade to long. It depresses your emotions. It keeps you locked in a losing mentality. It takes up margin that you can be using on a better more profitable trade. A stop loss gives you the freedom to move on, and be free from all of the negative things that comes from seeing that losing trade over and over.

Even if you have the capital to ride out a losing trade for months, then whenever you see a more profitable trade set-up in that same currency pair, you are not free to take advantage of that new opportunity because you are stuck in a losing trade waiting for it to turn back in your day 8^( .

Let's go back and look at that trade from day one. What if you had taken that hit the first day with a 60pip loss.
That is quite a hit. You could have simply made 10 pips a day for the next 7 trading days, and you'd be a head 10pips. What that would have done is free up your capital as well as your mindset. There is an extra confidence that comes when you go to your platform with no losing trades staring you in the face. It is a feeling of power.

Instead you decided to hold that trade 7 trading days. Now you are in the hole 150 pips, plus you paid 7 days of rollover fees, but things have begin to turn in your favor like you knew they would. That is 7 days that you have locked yourself out of more profitable trades in that currency pair, and who knows when you are going to break even on that pair.

When you have losing trades on your platform, then you are fearful of taking other good trades that you see, because of your margin level, the new trade may go against you and wipe you out, or any number of negative messages that we hear in our heads when we are in losing trades.

Dearest traders stop losses are your Friends. Here is a video that can help you decide how you may want to place your stop losses.

Placing Stops, Traders Whiteboard #4 Click Here

I am certainly not encouraging you to take unnecessary losses, if you are in a situation where you are in harmony with your trend and you have a little retracement that has gone against you temporarily, by all means allow that trade to close profitable.

Just don't allow losses to run on and on and on and on, because it's like spiderwebs in the mind and pretty soon, they cloud your vision and your judgment until you are paralyzed and can not do anything until that position comes back into profit. It is better to be out of a good trade wishing that you were in, than to be held hostage in a bad trade that you wish you were out of. Lastly letting trades go to far against you is just breeding grounds for stress and anxiety.

Remember strong dips and rally punish traders who don't have proper stop losses in place.

Trade well, Live Well, Laugh a lot and have Loads of Fun (^_^)

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This blog is not in anyway an enticement or solicitation to trade in the Forex Market. These tips are for informational purposes only and are not to be substituted for legal advice or council. I have written this blog in hopes that it will help you to avoid some of the terrifying pitfalls I had in the Forex Market before I learned better.


  1. this article is very informative and I agree with what you say above. Learning this lesson the hard way, I have learned to always place stop loses. I always have my stop wrote down in my traders notebook !

  2. Great post know trading without stops is one of my pet peeves. All commercial traders use stops on every trade, and most retail traders do not, Let's do the math. Thanks for educating the troops!