The No Man's Land Strategy is actually a very simple strategy.

It is based on Multiple Time Frames, Moving Averages (5 - 22 - 42) , and Pivot Points (for Support and Resistance), and I only run it on GBP.

The signal is generated from H4 Candle. I take the previous High + 10 pips ( you may use any number you like) + spread as a Buy Stop Order, while for the Sell Stop Order is previous Low - 10 pips.

Suppose I have a target 20 pips from my Buy Stop or Sell Stop Order. I then look to see whether there are some Support/Resistance or MA or Trendline Support/Resistance ahead to act as a barrier to the move I want to make. If there is, then I use the next S/R or MA or trendline S/R as a new point of calculation for my Buy Stop or Sell Stop Order. I repeat this step on the H4, H1, M30, M15 and M5.

Here is an example :
Prev High of H4 : 1.6300
Prev Low of H4 : 1.6250
Spread : 3 pips

Buy Stop order : 1.6300 + 10 + 3 = 1.6313 --> TP 20 pips = 1.6333
Sell Stop order : 1.6250 - 10 = 1.6240 --> TP 20 pips = 1.6220

I check my H4 Chart, to see if there is any resistance from 1.6313 to 1.6333, if not, then I go to my H1.
I continue repeating the above step. Suppose I find Resistance on 1.6320. I then recalculate making 1.6320 the new basis for calculating my Buy Stop Order.
So my new calculation is : 1.6320 + 10 + 3 = 1.6333 ---> TP 20 pips = 1.6353.
Then I recheck to see if there is any resistance that might prevent me from reaching my new target.

I do this until I get to M5.

This is why I called this strategy : No Man's Land.
Pivot's, S/R, MA, Trendline's S/R are things that I consider landowners.

For example:
There is Pivot Resistance at 1.6250 and Trendline's R on 1.6265. This 15 pips distance I consider as "Pivot's Land and Trendline's Land."
I don't want to fight either Land's owner, so I avoid them. I prefer to trade on "No Man's Land" where, there is no land owner who will be angry if I steal a few pips from the market.

I do the exact opposite for my Sell Stop Order. For the trendline I use the DeMark Indicator found at the Forex Factory.

The idea behind this strategy is to make a high percentage of winning trades. It works very nicely at the London open, around 6-7 GMT, depending on H4 cycle from the broker's chart we use to analyze. ( I like to use the ALPARI-UK, as I trade the London open).

I usually look to gain 20 pips; but if I am constantly profitable with this strategy, I think I can be one of the few winner in the forex market. The BIG BOSS who drives the market, that come from the big financial institutions and old-fashioned people who use just candlestick pattern and support-resistance as their trading guide; I am trying not to fight them, but to align myself with them.

Thanks Eko and Aan

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