We are always talking about banks and their calculated careful manipulation of the market, but is the bank really da looming boogie man??????

Yes, it is very true that the banks manipulate the markets making billions off of traders in the process, but it is equally true that the opportunity to make huge windfalls in the market would not exist without the liquidity that the banks provide. 

The banks have turned the forex market into a fairytale of  unlimited wealth and opportunity.  You can live a lifestyle trading that most people only dare to dream about, but don't for a second be under the illusion that they are going to allow you to just waltz in and load up on as much cash as your heart desires.  While there is 4 trillion dollars a day in the forex market give or take, the banks like any other business entity is looking to capitalize on as much of that money as possible.  It just so happens they have more power than most of us to make things happen that put the odds heavily on their side. 

Yes, it is their intention everyday to take your money, but it is up to you if they get it or how much of it they end up with.  In other words the banks are either feeding you or feeding off of you. 

You can never beat them in the market, it is their game and they have the power to make the rules.  The good news is that you can trail them and earn a very very nice living nipping at their heels.

The bank is your friend if you trade with the strength of that power, but it is a breaking force when you trade against that power.  Trade with the force that has the power to move the market, or trade against that power and be crushed, it is your choice.  Remember NO ONE EVER FORCES YOU TO HOLD A BAD TRADE, BUT THE BANKS LOVE IT WHEN YOU DO!! 

Whether the bank is Friend or foe is totally left to your interpretationDo they feed you or feed off of you?????



  1. Well, it is not entirely up to you to keep away from the deadly embrace of banks. It is the economic system which more or less forces you to borrow money. In other words, the game is rigged in favor of the system or the banks. If we manage to change the economic system, i.e. a shift from the monetary to a resource based economy, then banks will become obsolete. As long as few people control the money system, the majority of the people will suffer, because the few rich people are greedy and, ultimately, stupid.

    1. Not all rich are greedy and stupid....there are some that are kind and generous....... ;) You are right,we can't control being tricked, but we can control being trapped (^_^)