Traders obtain all kinds of knowledge, build successful trader's vocabularies and spend a fortune on classes, webinars, robots and other complicated systems trying to learn to be successful in the market. The problem with most traders is that THEY COMPLICATE TRADING, heck You don't have to do many things in forex to be successful, but there are two jobs that every traders must master in order to be a true success in forex.

Job #1
Job #2

Number 1 is much much much more important than number 2 because You can not build on wealth unless You first preserve what You have got. I believe that not preserving the wealth that they already have is the number 1 mistakes traders make.

Preserving wealth and building wealth, doing these two things consistently will bring You more success than doing many complicated things. The traders who are successful are successful more because they are disciplined than they are smart. After some education most of us know the same things; so why is it that a few people are successful here and most are ever grasping at success, but never fully tasting it. It is because while we all have the knowledge, only a few will practice it consistently. I am not successful because I know more than You, I am successful because I am willing to do what most traders fail at. I first preserve wealth by cutting bad trades quickly; secondly I build wealth jumping back in when I see an opportunity and letting the really sweet fat trades run and run and run. As a trader, You will have more chances to enter bad trades than You will good trade, so make the good ones really count.

Successful traders can pass along ideas for forex mastery and success, but no one can really tell You the best way to trade because there are many ways to be successful in forex, but once You have honed in on a good system, trade it consistently and You will come out ahead. No matter which system or time frame You choose to trade remember Your two jobs everyday............




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