Have You ever had the perfect trade set-up, the perfect time and the perfect indicator reading and the market still went against You? What most traders don't understand is that forex is a random game of chance where You are constantly seeking an edge. The edge when your set-up fails is to CUT!

The same trade set-up that bought You the fancy car and the great house the last time may move sharply against You this time. Pros cut bad trades all of the time, because they understand that this is a game of chance. In order for my trade to work out just right, I have to have some bigger players agree with my analysis or loads of other people to see the opportunity that I see and jump aboard with their hard earned cash. If the majority of the money doesn't agree, the market will move against me; that is why it is so important to protect your profits when your set-up fails because it will.

The advantage of the pro is the discipline it takes to be consistently profitable. I might see a set-up and think I have reached the bottom and buy, but the bank with $700,000,000,000 may think, the market can drop another 70 pips. Who do you think the market is going to respond to??????????

In a situation like the one above, most traders will try to re-analysis the set-up, go to higher, lower time frames, and find reasons why they are right, while the market continues to move against them. Before the day's end they have a margin call or they are so far down they don't dare cut; then that sickening uneasy feeling creeps in. That feeling that says, '
I can't afford to lose this money, I have to pay my mortgage'. The wise trader says 'Oh hell, this ship in sinking fast, I'd better jump and swim ashore and wait for the next ship" At the end of the day the bank that started out with $700,000,000,000 ends the day with $700,067,893,972, because so many traders refused to except the fact that THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES IN TRADING! The people in the bank end the week with fat paychecks, take nice trips, and live the lives most only dream about. They live these lavish lifestyles because so many traders 'who have to be right all of the time' are constantly contributing into their wealth pool. It is true that the rich keep getting richer, and it is especially true in forex. QUIT CONTRIBUTING TO THEIR FAT, FANCY LIFESTYLES AND START CONTRIBUTING TO YOUR OWN!!!!!

Imagine if You will that at the top You have big banks and mega traders who have the power to influence the market in ways that You and I can't imagine doing. Now imagine that these same people have vacuum cleaners in the average traders pockets. They lead traders like sheep to the slaughter with what seem to be good trade set-ups, then they turn the vacuum on and that's it. The traders who didn't cut the bad trades are now broke and miserable, while the banks and mega traders are fat, rich and happy.

Trading is not a right and wrong game, it is a shopping game. You have to spend money to find the best deals. If the deal fails, stop your money flow into it and look to buy a better deal. No man in his right mind would continue to send someone $100.00 every month to get the grass cut, when the grass man never shows up, yet traders pay good money for positions that are not serving them.
QUIT PAYING TO BE WRONG AND BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your positions should be making You fat, rich and happy!

All You can really do in forex is look for the odds that give You an advantage and grab'em. If You grab and find that Your hand is full of air instead of paper, You'd better cut that trade and follow the money trail. The discipline to follow good trading rules will give You the advantage in forex!

YOU CAN DO THIS (^_^)!!!!!

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  1. The traders who didn't cut the bad trades are now broke and miserable, while the banks and mega traders are fat, rich and happy. How to Make Money on Trading Forex