Many times when price is running like a mad train on steroids, it is very unsettling because all of your emotions are screaming for you to jump aboard. The problem with that is many time that same train that seduced you aboard will often abandon you at the station leaving you wondering what happened??????

One of the most difficult temptation to resist in trading is the urge and beckoning to follow running price. Running price will often leave you stuck at the top or abandoned at the bottom. When your eyes see price running, all of your emotions are screaming for you to jump aboard. DON'T DO IT! Many times it is a trap that will leave you licking your wounds. When you get off of the ground all scraped up, you still aren't
sure what happened because you were in harmony with your trend. Many times price will speed up just before the critical end of that run.

Now if you are aboard a trend and price starts on super steroids x 20 then you might want to begin looking for the nearest exit point. It doesn't always happen like that, but I have seen it often enough that I never jump into running price, even though my emotions are still screaming for me to.

While I am looking at price accelerate, I am thinking "look at all of that money you missed, and you knew it was going to keep going" or thoughts like "crap you should have gotten in, you missed your chance." My Friend the market will give you another chance!

I would rather miss out on an iffy trade for a sure one any day. When things settle and I can see a clear advantage then I can enter the market with logic instead of emotions....

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