My Friends, I am always honored to have you along. I am going to post some strategic videos here that you can book mark so that you can review them from time to time. Keep in mind that every market day is different. Your candlesticks are always telling a story. Look at the past story of the candles to help accurately interpret what your candles are telling you right now.

ALWAYS WAIT FOR PROPER TRADE SET-UPS. Great trading is mostly waiting to meet with great profit opportunity. No truly great trader is in the market all of the time. A truly great trader waits to pounce when she/he sees profit ripe on the horizon. However, I know some scalpers that make more than 200pips a day, but they wait for proper trade set-ups.

You have to choose the trading style that fits your personality, as there are many ways to successfully trade forex and no one has the monopoly on great trading. We have just found what works for us successfully. When you find good stuff, learn what you can, then tweak it to make it your own. Forex is a consistent building of knowledge.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. So many traders don't want to share their knowledge with new traders. Thank you for your videos, they are so much easier for me than reading. Sometimes when I read, I can't quite get it, but seeing it simplifies the concept. Thanks TF

  2. You write very well young lady. I, like yourself, blew my account trading forex, and I, like yourself, also has vowed to teach people the right way to trade once I have it. Teach it first to my kids (12 and 14 year old boys) and then to anyone that is willing to take the plunge and learn from what I have learned.

    To "anonymous", like the old Chinese proverb says, "SEEING IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS".