The Price Yo-Yo

What is the Price Yo-Yo???????

It is the price dance that keeps traders confused and keeps them off guard. Every hour, every day, every week and every month you have a natural price movement like the flow of musical notes. It flows up and it flows down sometimes like smooth rolling hills and sometimes like sharp cliffs and canyons.

The Price Yo-Yo is one of the hardest things for traders to get use to, as is seems so random and without any logic. When you are sitting at your computer all day watching price move up, down and sideways it is easy to get confused about the true direction of the market. That is why it is always best to get a view of the bigger picture before you begin trading in smaller time frames.

By looking at the bigger picture you can plan a strategy that will help you to keep sight of your trading objective and give you an advantage that you would not have if you just jumped in on a smaller time frame and started to trade without that bigger time frame reference.

If you see that your market is mostly bullish on a four hour chart, then it may be wise for you to take trades in the bullish direction on the 15min time frame. If you have a predictable range bound market, then you want to look for opportunities to sell near resistance and buy near support on your 15 min time frame. Remember you only want to buy/sell at these point with proper candlestick reversal pattern at/near an established support/resistance. Waiting for proper entry/exit signals will put you on the right side of the trade most of the time (^_^)

Keeping an eye on the bigger time frame picture, will give you an advantage and help keep you from getting confused and losing your way while trading in smaller time frames. If you have been trading any time, you know that you can use every advantage you can get (^_^).


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