Price will only fall so far before you get a bounce off of or near a support. Price WILL NOT fall indefinitely. Be extra careful when price makes a new low because one or two things are going to happen, it will either keep falling or it will bounce. More than likely, it will make a make a strong bounce.

Why????? because all of the sellers have gotten on board to sell. When there are no more sellers, the only logical thing to happen is for the buyers to come in and buy in force, creating a strong upwards bounce, trapping the sellers at the bottom.

Price falls strongly as long as there are sellers, but when the sellers are all gone BAM!!!!!! you have an upward explosion with nothing to slow the force of the powerful move upward. Now many of the traders trapped at the bottom are also forced to sell, creating more momentum for the upward move and prices continue to rise.

When you make an all new low and you get sideways action. Wait it out until you are sure you know where price is headed. If you get trapped, free yourself as soon as you can even if it means taking a small loss. It is better to be upset that you missed out on a great trade than to find yourself trapped in a trade that you wish you hadn't taken.

REMEMBER SUPPORT = BOUNCE, until price shows you differently. No matter what, wait for proper reversal/continuation signals near support before you enter the trade and please wait for your candle to close before making your trading decision. Those few pips that you think you will gain by beating out your competition are NOT WORTH IT.
All of the pros know to wait for an advantageous set-up and so should you (^_^)


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