The biggest challenge to being a successful trader is waiting for proper confirmation signals before entering a trade. Many traders play the guessing game with the market even when they understand that they should buy low and sell high. In a bull market when they think price has gone up far enough, they sell and when they feel it has gone low enough, they buy to get a jump on the market, for what they are hoping is a big pay check. This kind of thinking is often Market Suicide, and will get you killed.

Price in a trend is like a locomotive freight train, it will run you over and never even feel you. You have got to wait until the breaks are applied and the train does a u-turn before trying to sell tops or buy bottoms. YOU CAN NOT GET A JUMP ON THE MARKET unless you are psychic. The market has successfully tricked traders for hundreds of years and is very efficient at it.

YOU CAN NEVER OUT GUESS THE MARKET !!!!! You can only follow where it leads, hoping it doesn't turn on you like a mad dog.

Sometimes you will wait for a proper set-up and still get stopped out, but waiting for a proper set-up is going to give you the greatest chance for success and put the odds the most in your favor.

There is no perfect strategy, but you are looking for one that will put you on the right side of the trade most of the time. Remember everyday your market is different, so develop a strategy for every kind of trading market. (The bullish, the bearish, consolidation and choppy). As a trader you will take an occasional hit, but it is the end of the month profit that you are looking to, not the end of the day profit. It is ok to lose a battle every now and then
as long as you win the war.

The most simple trading strategy is to follow the current trend until your candlesticks tell you differently. A good trader spends much more time waiting than trading. LEARN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR CANDLES AND YOUR CANDLESTICK PATTERNS !!!!!!!!

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